Goodwill NWUP

Goodwill NWUP

Goodwill Industries of Northern Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula came to mediaBrew at the end of 2020 as a new client looking to completely revamp their current website. The company had gone through several changes in the past and they were looking for a more long term update that would be easy expandable for future projects. The client’s largest complaint with their current website was the poorly layout navigation system for finding things on the website. The site was no user friendly with several submenus within submenus and also had several technical errors causing sections to appear incorrect.


Working closely with a Goodwill representative on this project, I identified the key goals the client was hoping to achieve and planned out a project proposal. Once the document was signed, I held several digital strategy meetings with the client to discuss the company’s needs on a deeper level and learn about the organization. I planned this project from start to finish, from selecting the theme and completing a new WordPress install to launch day and post launch promotions like the video below.


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October 21, 2015




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