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The situation for this project was fairly unique. There were some small visual aspects of the original LaFayette Collsion Center website that needed attention, but the main reason this site was rebuilt was actually technical. Built before I arrived at Great Lakes Radio, this site was designed on a theme and framework that are now obsolete. With no updates put out for years the theme itself was a security risk. Even worse however, at the time, our hosting provider, WPEngine, was giving all website 1 month to move to PHP 7.2. After doing a test move of the site to the new version of PHP, I found that in less than three weeks the site would be completely broken if we didn’t move to a modern theme. During the test I saw that on the back end things worked fine. However, as soon as you attempted to load the homepage, the site would display only a white screen – BROKEN! After some comparability tests, I confirmed the theme was to blame.


With this site getting¬†thousands of views per month and regularly used to generate leads, the client was actively using the site, taking it down complete wasn’t an option. Overall, the clients did liked the site they had, so the goal was to update the theme and rebuild to a similar look of the old theme, but still improving features when possible. Nick and Todd were pleased with the updated version I managed to create, but take a look for yourself now!


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February 17, 2019




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