The outdated site that gets over 2 million views a month. Sunny.FM, which originally started 20 years ago as is the web home to one of the top radio stations in the Upper Peninsula. Seriously, it has won Station of the Year three times in this market in the last 6 years to prove it! The radio station takes pride in matching everything it does on air with an article online.


Despite the stations success, the website itself needed serious help. The theme hadn’t received an update in over eight years and it was starting to show it. Even before the major WordPress 5.0 update the theme was starting to display compatibility issues in the form of broken thumbnails and pagination issues. The site also wasn’t mobile responsive and visually the layout was extremely cluttered.


With new management taking over in less than a month, we decided it was the best time to update the website. Because the site is heavily trafficked, I did as much of the prep as I could ahead and time to reduce the amount of down time. I rebuilt the site under a different domain on a brand new, better hosting plan and once it was ready, I updated the A record to point the IP to the new site keeping the adjustment period to a minimum. I rebuilt every page that was on the original site to look similar, but updated. Each embedded site, which is a internal page a client paid for to act as a micro-website, was redesigned and all DJ pages got a face lift. With the recently changed security requirements in browsers I also recently installed a SSL on the website and resolved any mixed content issues.


Following the rebuild, I also worked on transferring this website to a new hosting company, A2 Hosting, handling the full transition process from beginning to end.


Visit the new website at Sunny.FM


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July 20, 2019




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