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UP Off Road

This website is a great example of my ability to read a client, just using the information available online.


This project started almost a year ago with a sales team member going in to pitch the owner of UP Off Road some on-air and online marketing. The current UP Off Road website is a great candidate for a redesign as it’s not mobile responsive and is out of date as the owner’s wife is tired of handling the updates herself! I started by completing a full SEO audit using products like Moz and Neil Patel’s SEO Tools on the current website and looking into their current social media presence. I created a detailed report with charts and graphics for the sales associate to use in the proposal.


The lead went cold for a several months, but just recently the client regained interest, so we went full steam. Recognizing the client would appreciate a place to go and demo what they could truly have, the sales team requested a demo site for the client and to have it done in just four days. I got to work reviewing the little I was given and looking over the current site. In 23 hours I created a brand new mock up to pitch to a client I had never even talked to. I found stock imagery, created graphics, completed fake company news articles, fake price plans, recreated specific areas of the old site like the vendor logo bar on the home page, and more. After the pitch (was unable to attend the meeting due to COVID-19) I was told the client was extremely impressed as we had never even met and I “knew the company so well”.


Visit the DEMO website at UPOffRoad.Wpengine.com


Visit the current website at UPOffRoad.net


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July 30, 2020




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