This website is one of the best examples of direct client interaction I’ve had with a client and project management from transfer to relaunch. One of the testimonials on my site is also from this client.


Built and hosted for several years through a different company, Marquette County Transit Authority knew they needed an upgrade. The original site was outdated and not visually appealing or user friendly. It wasn’t mobile responsive and even displayed broken lines of code right there on public pages. After a few creative sessions with the client, I was able to get a feel for what the organization was looking for and got to work!



Now is mobile friendly with an easy to navigate menu. Every bus route is on the site complete with times and stop locations. There are downloadable copies of each route & map with back buttons on every page to quickly get to all other routes or maps. The Frequently Asked Questions page is regularly updated with new common inquiries and if a reader’s question isn’t on the list, they can submit their question without even leaving the page! The site is also now hosted through one of the fastest growing leaders in hosting and has updated security measures like a Secure Socket Layer Certificate.


Most of the images and graphics on this site were provided by the client along with most of the wording. All articles on, excluding job postings, were written by me and can be reviewed as more content examples. Several of the posts include attending an event for the business, capturing photos, interviewing representatives, and writing the story.

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December 16, 2018




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