Process & Beliefs


As a photographer I have put hundreds of hours into Photoshop. I take an image from start to finish. Check out the before and afters of some images below to see the extent of my Photoshop skills!


What’s the first step? Getting the shot of course! Spending some time on site and getting your camera set up is where it all begins. I review the light sources and start with some test shots to get my settings right. If possible I introduce external sources of light to improve the conditions and remove any distracting elements.


Now that I have gotten my shot it’s time to move on to the editing process. I start by culling my photos to choose the best images from each session. After picking out the photos worth editing, I open up Photoshop and start working with my layers and masks! Occasionally I start an image in Lightroom, but primarily use Photshop for any edit I do.


After the post processing step is complete, all that is left to do is deliver the image! Whether I’m shooting for myself or a client, the image has to get seen. For myself, that means sticking it up on my Facebook and Instagram. For clients, it means renaming, resizing, and created a project gallery on my website for clients to review and hopefully… order some!


While working in the web & graphic design industry for the last five years, I have adopted some beliefs as well as discovered a few of my own. These are ideas I stand behind and would bring to your team.

Back Up, Back Up, Back Up!

There isn’t anything worse than hitting “update” on a theme for a website and suddenly the entire page goes white and nothing works. Well, actually there is something worse; not having a way to put it back.   Whether it’s backing up a website before major changes or backing up the hard drive on your computer, it never hurts to have a back up.   BACK UP YOUR WORK!

Content is Key

The single best way to get people to your site is through fresh new content! Every new post you put out is a new indexable link back to your website. When you write about your services or business, you’re generally using keywords people are typing into search engines. The more you write, the more you’ll get found.   Some websites are designed to be brochure sites, but if a site is meant to generate leads, regularly putting up new engaging articles will help direct people right to you. Not to mention, blog posts can be great content to mix in on your social media.

Every Page is a New Site

No one comes through the front of your website!   Treat each page of your website like a new website. Of course you want it to all be consistent in its design, but it’s rare for people to actually come into your site from the home page. They’ll click an article related to long exposure photography or your services pages with information on “event coverage”.   Each page is your chance to make an impression. So, each page should be every bit as important as your beautiful home page.

Leave the Ego at the Door

When we come to work, we should be there to improve and grow as a company. Self investment is important, but success for the team means success for you.


FOUND. CLICKED. READ. ACTION. When you post you ultimately want an action to be taken. A phone call or newsletter signup. People have to find your post first and want to read it!


There doesn't have to be questions about who is handling what or when that one project has to be done by. Just talk to each other, or at least send an email!

Appearance vs Success

Appearances do matter, but success is the best appearance there is. Don't focus on how things look make you look now if it means sacrificing future success.

Time Off

I'm not talking several times a month or even once a month, but a few times a year, a vacation is important! It helps reset your mood and keep you from getting burnt out.


Yup, pets. Who doesn't love a good office dog or a sleepy kitty? No, it's not a deal breaker, but talk about instant mood boost! Do me a favor and just think about it, okay?