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SEO Research and Framework Example For Voice Chat Article

The content below is a framework for the article: Three Voice Chat Options to Communicate with Co-workers and Classmates Online


I started the process by choosing a topic to write on, for this example, I used something I already knew about. From there I selected what my main keyword would be throughout the article.


I then researched the selected keyword to find a list of other related phrases with good search integrity, making a quick list in Notepadd++. I also pulled phrases from other locations by using a proxy and searching the main keyword. I looked for “bolded” words on the Google Search which signify terms Google recognizes as interchangeable. Key phrases from the “Google Related Searches” at the bottom of my search results were also used.


Once I had a selecting of key phrases to work with, I separated them by where they would be used in the article. After this, I moved on to creating strong sub-headers for each part of the post, using a strong keyword phrase in each header.  Finally, I looked up specifics to wrote short sentences or phrases to layout what would be covered in each section.


Once the first draft was completed, I also selected 5 of the top articles on the topic, collected their word density statistics and compared them to my own.


During the process I also created visual materials for the article or collected imagery from stock sites, worked on file naming and resizing, back links, SEO meta descriptions and keys.



Main Keyword: Voice Chat
Site: Sunny.FM

Keyword Research:

Voice Chat (11,100 searches)

Subheader keywords
Free Voice Chat (780) X
Chat Line (32,600) X
free Chat line (39,200) in article
Voice Communication (1,200)
Free Phone Chat (11,500) X

Bolded words
voice & text chat (in article text)

Google related searches
voice chat programs (in introduction)
free voice chat programs in article
voice chat online in article
voice chat app in article

Other from second video ideas
Voice Chat on Switch
Voice Chat online


Title/H1: Three Voice Chat Options to Communicate with Coworkers or Classmates Online


-Current situation
-Useful even when not in situation (businesses that work remote regularly)


Why internet chat lines are useful H2
-Helps communicate while participating in Social Distancing/or time of illness
-Keeps people connected during low communication period
-Meet new people and build new friendships


Ways you can use online free phone chat for work or school H2
-Students can meet to work on projects
-Families can host online social events
-Coworkers can communicate on upcoming tasks and give reports
-Friends can talk and keep in contact


3 Free Suggestions for Voice and Video Chat H2
-These are three communication platforms I have used and tested


Free Voice Chat and Video Calls with Discord H3
-Just make an account, no download necessary
-Browser, Desktop App and Phone apps available
-Chat and video chat available
-Individual audio controls
-Screen share
-No real concert about limits of people in server
-Multiple channels for different business teams
-Some restrictions of group video chat
-Good for business/student/family


Zoom H3
-Mobile or Desktop Application
-Voice and voice chat available
-Raise Hand and record Feature
-Screen share
-Does have time limit for groups of 3 or more
-Good for businesses/students


Facebook Messenger H3
-Browser, desktop app or phone app
-Voice and voice chat
-6 people in video, up to 50 on call
-Must be friends with the people to add to call
-Good for friends or family
-Regularly used by millions so usually already downloaded


Post Length:

Average – 1,300
Mine – 1,750
Over – maybe a bit long