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Writing is an incredibly important skill to have either for general day to day work or promoting a business. Writing is a form of communication with your reader, whether it’s covering event articles, employment postings, or just daily work reports.


Because of my time at mediaBrew Communications, formerly Great Lakes Radio, I have over 2,200 published articles and experience writing in many different styles. My writing history includes postings for event coverage, interviews, reports, job positions, sports broadcasting, client promotions, and more. I also have several articles published for my own business as a professional photographer.


Below are a few posts from those 2,200+ to showcase my experience with different styles of writing. Each incorporates my ability to set a tone set for the targeted reader, my SEO optimization skills, and my professionalism as writer.

SEO Driven Content

The posts in this category are examples of articles I have written where I came up with a topic relatable to the audience and completed an SEO audit to write the post. Each of these articles display an example of my efforts to use current SEO trends and tools to build website traffic while producing an engaging article.

Client Work

In the client work section you will find client articles written for company events or to highlight an aspect of the business!

Some of these articles feature my video production and editing skills, audio production and experience handling a drone.

Event Posts

Here you can find articles I have written to highlight local events including festivals, local fundraisers, and high school sports games.

This section will also display some video work and event photography as well as general writing skills when writing about local events for the public.


Under the photography blog portfolio you will find articles written as “how tos” and tutorials, business news, location reviews, and more.

As a professional photograph, writing about my work is a big part of what I do, whether it’s on social media or in full articles.

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Beautiful photography. So happy our organization found you.

Kim Marcus - Cystic Fibrosis Support Network of Michigan

Saddleback Photography did an amazing job capturing my best friend's wedding. All of the most meaningful moments perfectly captured!

Susan Waddell - Bride's made at a Wedding

The assistance of Lauren and the fine folks at Great Lakes Radio for spreading the word of what we accomplished this day are exemplary of "Community".

Mike Hodges - Dispatcher at Marq-Tran


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