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Lauren Bareiss of Saddleback Photography & Design
Meet Lauren Bareiss

So you want to know about me, huh?

I am a Michigander born and raised. Originally from Lower Michigan, I am currently in the Upper Peninsula where I live, work, and play! I moved to attend Northern Michigan University, studying photography, writing, and graphic design and have been here ever since!


Before moving to Marquette, I completed two years at Albion College where I studied Environmental Science. Taking a break from school, I moved out to Colorado and then South Dakota to follow my passion, horses. While enduring the Wild, Wild West, I decided I wanted horses to remain a passion, not a job. I moved back to Lower Michigan where I picked up a camera to combine my love for photography and horses. After moving to the U.P. I feel in love with landscape photography and exploring the natural beauty that surrounded me.


I’m an outdoor loving, photograph taking, PC game playing girl who loves food, traveling, horses, and good beer. If I’m not out shooting, I am probably at home gaming, hanging out with my four year old tabby cat, Simon, or doing work for my local young professionals organization.


I sit on the Board of Directors for Connect Marquette and hold the title of Marketing Committee Co-chair. This volunteer position has allowed me to network with people from all types on industries and refine my marketing, graphic design, and leadership skills.

Lauren is Asana Together Ambassador and SEMrush SEO certified

You probably want to know the technical stuff though, right?

For the last seve years I have always had a camera in my bag. I started photography as a way to work with horses after realizing training wasn’t how I wanted to make a living. After moving to Marquette I quickly switched my focus to landscape photography to capture the beauty all around me.


I shoot with a Nikon D750 (Full Frame) DSLR camera and 16-35mm Nikkor & 28-300mm Nikkor lenses.

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When I started at Northern Michigan University I took the basic HTML, CSS & JavaScript class, but the majority of my web design experience has been developed on the job or self taught. Second to photography, web design is my favorite thing to do. It’s like a puzzle!


Hosting Experience

During my time building and maintaining websites, I have worked with several different hosting providers including WPEngine, Godaddy, A2 Hosting, HostPapa, Namecheap. I also have some experience with Bluehost and SiteGround hosting services.


I regularly worked with each hosting’s CPanel, PHPMyAdmin and other features like automated back ups, emails and fowarders, sub & add-on domains, and the Domain Name Servers.

A2 Hosting

Page Builder Experience

  • WP Bakery (Visual Composer)
  • Site Origin Page Builder
  • Beaver Builder
  • Divi
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While I did some playing around with Windows Movie Maker as a kid in the 2000s, all of my current video production experience was gained on the job. I still have plenty to learn about video including more about gear, but I am perfectly comfortable going out, doing an interview or getting B-roll and editing it down!


I also recently purchased a DJI Spark drone and have used it for several videos.

GoPro Quik
Final Cut Pro
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While in college I took some courses for graphic design, although I mainly learned through work and self education. Graphic design is a skill set that is always changing and developing, so I am always learning too.

Hand Created Illustration
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After 17 years of working with horses, I’ve gained experiences with horses of all ages, breeds, and temperaments. I grew up taking lessons at a local farm before going on to show competitively in high school and college. When competing I showed in several disciplines including Western Stock Seat, Hunt Seat, Saddle Seat, and Gymkhana. After transferring to Northern Michigan University I founded the NMU Equestrian Club and later became Club President.


I have held several professional jobs working with horses including being a Ranch Camp Counselor, a Wrangler leading trail rides in the Rocky Mountains, and Farm Hand at an therapeutic equestrian center. I also worked at a South Dakota Cow Horse Ranch where I helped train horses, learned to rope, and cut cattle.

  • Rochester Adams Equestrian Team
  • Albion College Western Stock Seat Team
  • President of the NMU Equestrian Team
  • 2014 Michigan State High School Equestrian Championships Official Photographer

Working at a multi-media news source for six years, I have a large selection of writing samples. I have published over 2,000 articles on everything from high school sports and event coverage to construction work and automotive repair! I’ve done job postings, interviews, proposals and contracts as well.

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85 %

I am a quick learner

Self Starter

80 %

I wear many hats


75 %

Outside the box thinking

Conflict Resolution

Time Management

One thing I take pride in is my efficiency! My list of things to do is never short, so multi-tasking on several projects is common for me. I am always thinking about what can be completed or going in the background while I am focused on bigger tasks. I even wrote an article providing recommendations to improve work efficiency and productivity. 

Performance Under Pressure

Working at a radio station, last minute jobs are regular occurrence. Working on projects with little to no advanced notice isn’t a foreign situation for me. I have learned to adapt and complete tasks under a time restraint while limiting the amount of sacrifices to quality that often come with late notice work. 

Self Improvement

I am constantly learning and improving my skills. If I come up with an idea, but don’t know how to execute it, I look it up! When I wanted to start learning PHP, I found sources and I started learning. I also regularly attend workshops to improve my photography and post processing skills.

Skills of Note:



Adobe Creative Cloud/CS6



File Zilla FTP Server/Client

Microsoft Office Suite

Libre Office Suite

66 WPM 295 CPM

Other Related Skills:

WordPress Website Maintenance

Back End & Database Maintenance

Client Facing Work Experience

Social Media Management

Built My Own Gaming PC

Some IT Knowledge

Drone Operation Skills


Asana Together Ambassador

SEMrush SEO Fundamentals

LinkedIn Google Drive Essentials

LinkedIn Local SEO

Shopify Bootcamp

Fun Certifications:

SSI Scuba Diving Certification

The Fun Stuff:

I am a PC Gamer

I Love Waterfall Photography

I Love to Travel

Country & Rock Music

Rode Horses for 17 Years

I am a Big Foodie

Even Bigger Craft Beer Nerd

I Have a Cat Named Simon

My Favorite Season is Fall